Wiring Funds from your MFCU Account

MFCU can wire funds to institutions that are able to receive the wired funds. The Member must provide MFCU with the receiving institution’s instructions.

Deadlines for wires:

Domestic: There is a 2:00 pm mountain time deadline for a same-day, domestic wire.
There is an 1:00 pm mountain time deadline for a same-day, international wire.


$15 Domestic Incoming Wires
$25 Domestic Outgoing Wires
$40 International Wires


Institution to receive wire:

Receiving Financial Institution’s Name
Receiving Financial Institution’s Address
ABA Routing Number (Domestic Only)

Individual to receive wire:

Recipient’s Name
Recipient’s Address as it appears on Account
Recipient’s Account Number

Intermediary financial institution (if applicable):

Intermediary Financials Name
Intermediary Financials Address
Intermediary Financials ABA Routing # (Domestic only)
Intermediary Financials Account Number


Receiving Wires

Please give the originating financial institution the following instructions for domestic wires:

Receiving Financial Information:

Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union
6801 Parkwood Blvd, Plano, TX 75024
Routing #: 311990511

Beneficiary Bank Information:

Malheur Federal Credit Union
1695 SE 5th Ave, Ontario, OR 97914
Routing #: 323274869

Beneficiary Information:

Member First Name and Last Name
MFCU Account Number
Address on the Account