Malheur Federal Credit Union is dedicated to supporting our local communities in the form of sponsorship donations. If you have an event you wish to be considered for sponsorship, please read the guidelines below and submit your request to the credit union through the Donation Request Form.

Due to the number of requests that we receive, Malheur Federal Credit Union accepts sponsorship and local donation requests annually between September 1st and November 15th. Accepting requests once a year enables us to look holistically at the needs of the communities we serve.

Most major financial support decisions will be made by December 31st for donations and sponsorships to be given the following year.

Recipients of sponorships or donations will be notified by January 31st.

Contribution/Donation Policy

In an ongoing demonstration of Malheur Federal Credit Union’s philosophy, “people helping people,” we support charitable organizations in the communities where our members work and life. MFCU receives many solicitations for donations, volunteer support and community sponsorships. The following policy provides guidelines for how requests are handled. These guidelines help assure that MFCU’s financial resources are used in a way that best serves the majority of our membership and strengthens our brand within the community. These guidelines will not cover every possible request, special need or opportunity; therefore, MFCU may make exceptions to this policy.

Contribution Guidelines

  • Requests for donations must include a complete Donation Request Form
  • Preference will be given to MFCU members, employees and Board of Directors
  • MFCU may make donations of money, property, services, volunteer or some combination
  • Consideration for money will be based on funds availability

Organizations Previously Funded

Organizations previously funded may not have met the guidelines; however, if the committee determines there is a compelling reason to continue support, a contribution may be made if the Donation Request Form is completed. If the committee determines that an organization previously supported no longer meets the guidelines, provisions will be made for phasing out support.

Community Sponsorships

MFCU will consider sponsorships to civic, recreational or charity events, programs and publications located within our membership service area. By sponsoring an event or organization, MFCU requests to be recognized for the sponsorship in the form of positive publicity, advertising, or some form of public recognition from the organization or group requesting sponsorship.

The following requests will be generally not considered:

  • Sponsor of or to political or partisan organizations
  • “For Profit” organizations
  • Religious groups or religion-based organizations
  • Golf tournaments
  • Individuals or organizations that are not represented in MFCU membership charter
  • Individuals or groups benefiting a small group of people including, but not limited to:
    • Beauty pageants
    • Classroom field trips
    • Sports programs
    • Persons seeking assistance due to medical or other adverse circumstances