Your Credit Union, Your Vote

One of the greatest benefits of being a credit union member is that you play an important role in helping guide the direction and mission of your credit union. Just as you can vote for fellow members to serve on our Board of Directors, you will also have the opportunity to vote on this exciting partnership.

A Special Meeting is being called for this purpose on November 17, 2020. The projected date for the merger to occur is December 31, 2020. Federal and State regulators have already given their approval for the merger.

You can submit your vote by clicking the “Vote Now” button on the right or return your mail-in ballot by November 16, 2020.

Should you have any questions about the merger, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 541-889-3149. Our Member Service Specialists would be happy to speak with you.

Special Meeting for Members








How can members vote?

A voting ballot packet will be mailed to every member. The packet contains the following documents:

  • Cover Letter
  • Member Notice
  • Summary of Merger Plan
  • Voting Ballot
  • Business Reply Envelope

Members have two ways to vote:

  • Online or
  • With the ballot provided
Can members drop their ballots off at the branches?

The ballot must be mailed in the postage paid envelope provided to CU Ballot. No ballots will be accepted at the branches.

When can members vote?

Voting for the merger will begin on Monday, September 28th. Members will have till Monday, November 16th at midnight to submit their vote.

How many times are members allowed to vote?

Members can only vote once – the first vote is the final vote.

How are members eligible to vote?
  • Must be 18 to vote
  • Account is in good standing
  • Must be a member the day before we open the voting
  • Business members are eligible to vote
  • If a member closes their account before the voting closes, their vote will not count
When is the last day to vote?

Voting will close Monday, November 16th at midnight. The Special Meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 17th when the results will be announced.

Only members are eligible to attend the special meeting; it is not a public meeting.

Can joint members vote?

Primary member only is eligible to vote unless there is $100 held in the prime share.